Collaborating To Solve Your Problems

Consulting ServicesAt Collaborative Crime Solutions, we want to help you get to the root of the issues plaguing your community or organization. Our consulting package is designed to help you with a community issue you have attempted to address within your organization. We want to help you restructure and reorganize to find out what can be done to get your problems solved, and how you can come together with other organizations to get it done.

Collaborative Crime Solutions wants to make you realize, you aren't alone in working to make your community better. Solving community problems should not fall on the shoulders of Police Chiefs or Criminal Justice Professionals alone. Dr. Bailey wants to help you build a team of community leaders who can work collaboratively. She specializes in developing strategies unique to your community problem, but also falling back on practices that are proven to work.

By gathering stakeholders who should be involved in the problem - solving process and working with them to create a collaborative group, Dr. Bailey will guide all the parties involved on strategies to work together to solve the problem. By including criminal justice professionals in the problem - solving discussions, we can help lead the way to collaborative solutions.

Possible Community Issues That Could Use A Team Approach

  • Homelessness
  • Mental Illness in the Community 
  • Delinquency
  • Drug Crimes

Collaborative Crime Solutions provides customized consulting packages for public service professionals to maximize their their leadership potential and create health and mutually supportive relationships to solve their community's biggest challenges.

Services Include: (a la carte or the entire package of stakeholder analysis through evaluation)

  • Conducting research and completing a stakeholder analysis to build a team designed to solve the community problem
    • Problems are unique to each organization; they may include but are not limited to: building stronger ties to the community or addressing issues such as homelessness, property crimes, or drug offenses.
  • Recruiting identified stakeholders to be part of the problem - solving team.
  • Creating a team mission and outcomes
  • Directing collaborative efforts, developing a cross - system understanding of stakeholder perspectives, and fostering an environment where all feel valued and heard
  • Developing initiatives that will move the organization and community forward based on stakeholder input and needs
  • Examination of the research regarding evidence - based practices used successfully in other communities
  • Assisting with program implementation 
  • Evaluating the initiative to discover what is and is not working and offering suggestions for improvement.

Collaborative Crime Solutions

Workshops And Consulting For Criminal Justice Professionals

Collaborative Crime Solutions is here to help you succeed int he criminal justice field. Whether you are a female criminal justice professional looking to sharpen your sense of self and navigate the male dominated culture, or you are a police chief looking for guidance on a community problem, Dr. Barbara Bailey has the decades of experience to help you achieve your goals. Through consulting services and online workshops and courses, Dr. Bailey has the knowledge and know - how to help you solve your problem and maintain longevity in the often fast - turnover criminal justice system. 


At Collaborative Crime Solutions, we want to help you get to the root of the issues plaguing...


Workshops and Online Courses

At Collaborative Crime Solutions, we want to make sure you are equipped with the tools you need...