Do you travel for consulting services?

Yes - after an initial remote consultation, if you would like to move forward with Collaborative Crime Solutions' consulting services,  Dr. Bailey will travel to you and work to find solutions to your community problem. 

After reading your article "Defund the Police," I am curious if you support law enforcement?

Yes! Absolutely! I recognize the difficult position they are in with restricted budgets and the weight of societal expectations that they carry.  Citizens are conditioned to call them for everything, from lousy service at a fast-food restaurant to actual crimes. There is an expectation by the public for them to solve their problems. I believe it is time for the public to step up and accept responsibility for positive change in their community in collaboration with government agencies.... Read More

What do you mean by "re-envisioning" public safety?

It is a call to see other possibilities and ways of doing things. Why should the police carry all societal burdens? What other entities in the community can pick up some of the responsibility? We see this already in many organizations, but they may be lacking inter-agency communication. Why reinvent the wheel multiple times over?  I don't give citizens a pass on this; they also have an essential role to play and should not be left out of the process.... Read More

You shared a personal experience of a mother yanking a child away from you and stating, "Don't talk to her. She is the law." What lasting impression did that make on you?

I was deeply hurt and saddened by it. I was stereotyped as the enemy, and this stereotype was being passed to another generation based on my uniform alone. I can empathize with others who have been stereotyped based on faulty belief systems. Releasing the boxes we put groups of people into is the first step. At our very core, we are all the same and want the same things.... Read More

You noted the importance of mindfulness training for officers in the field. Do you currently offer workshops for mindfulness or avoiding compassion drain?

Yes, I designed a six-month workshop, Bulletproof: Self Mastery, to help clients create a deeper connection to who they are and serve the community better.

I am a community leader. Are you willing to work with me individually, rather than from my organizational level, to give me the tools and insight to build partnerships in the community?

Yes! If you prefer one-on-one consulting services, I can tailor packages to meet your needs. Please schedule a free 30-minute consultation. Please email us at or call 719-649-6358.

We have tried working with other stakeholders, but the divide is great. How can you help to break down that divide?

Each team will be unique. The goal is first to establish a mission and vision for the problem members wish to address. Once the team has a common ground, members can build bridges. Ultimately, through coaching, each stakeholder respects that its purpose is more significant than the individual.


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