Possibilities and Ramifications

Defund The Police

2020-12-22 | Dr. Barbara Bailey, Founder, Collaborative Crime Solutions

When I first heard the slogan “Defund the Police,” I cringed and tensed up, automatically rejecting the thought of it. But once my initial reaction dissipated, I was able to explore in myself what triggered that response. I encourage everyone reading this to do the same. We all hold beliefs and are quick to react to things that go against them without even thinking through the process. For me it boiled down to one of the levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. My reaction stemmed from a belief that my safety and security needs were being threatened. But were they really?  With more thought, I see how important it is to see beneath the language to what is driving the call rather than having a... Read More

Ten Lessons Learned from My Professional Experience in the Criminal Justice System

Beyond The Classroom

2020-12-10 | Dr. Barbara Bailey , Founder, Collaborative Crime Solutions

A student once asked me if I felt my academic studies had prepared me for a criminal justice career. My initial response was that I wished my professors had provided more assignments that required me to interact with people working in the system, whether interviewing officers, sitting in on a court hearing, or touring a prison. From my perspective, there was one significant factor missing. But upon deeper reflection, I discovered ten things I wish I had known before starting my career in the criminal justice system.  I spent approximately ten years working as a Deputy Sheriff; before that I worked in loss prevention and private investigation for an insurance company. When I first started college, I was in the nursing program, but I took... Read More

How A Little Self Care Can Go A Long Way

6 Keys to Shift from Overburdened to Solution Focused

2020-12-07 | Dr. Barbara Bailey , Founder, Collaborative Crime Solutions

Legislative acts are changing the nature of how we police and criminal justice professionals are being called to implement the changes quickly. It can be easy to slip into overwhelm.  In our history, the police have been depicted as both the hero and the villain. The media has driven the pendulum in each extreme, with the “Us against Them” mentality at the root. You can fill in the blank for who “Us” and “Them” are depending on current events. Please ask yourself, “does it have to be that way?” Is it time to drop this perspective so we can stop the cycle of fear, anxiety, and worry held by officers and the public alike? You are in a unique position to make positive changes in... Read More

How A Short Walk In The Woods Led To The

Creation Of Collaborative Crime Solutions

2020-12-07 | Dr. Barbara Bailey, Founds, Collaborative Crime Solutions

I thrive on finding solutions to problems, whatever they are, but I have come to learn that I think differently than many people. I open my mind and intuition, realizing more significant connections that often escape or elude others. I enjoy observing the world around me and love hearing other people’s “stories” and perspectives.  In late 2014 my world was turned upside down after I fainted. Months later, I received a diagnosis that would require a bone marrow transplant to cure. My sense of “normalcy” was ripped away from me.  I lost many things with that diagnosis, my health, home, horses, and marriage. But it was a chance for tremendous growth, and it helped to prepare me for bigger things.  Current day, 2020, we have... Read More

How Something Small Made A Big Impact

Insight From A Brief Encounter With A Bumblebee

2020-11-30 | Dr. Barbara Bailey, Founder, Collaborative Crime Solutions

I have a unique way of connecting with the world around me through noticing and interpreting things that I see. The small things in life often send me down a rabbit hole of greater reflection. This happened over Memorial Day weekend in 2019.  We went up to our land, surrounded by many open acres, for some private camping and exploring. I was out taking a walk when I heard a loud buzzing noise coming at me.  I was thinking, “what the heck is that?!” Suddenly a large bumblebee appeared and began to circle and swirl around my body before and landing on a flower near my feet.  At this time of year and at the altitude, there were not many flowers out yet. What a... Read More