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Dr. Barbara BaileyCollaborative Crime Solutions is the brain-child of Dr. Barbara Bailey, a lifelong criminal justice professional, educator and facilitator. Dr. Bailey’s life mission and vision are to bring a more holistic approach to the field of Criminal Justice. She strives to be part of the movement that brings a higher level of consciousness to solve the problem of crime and victimization.

Dedicated to helping both men and women in the criminal justice system find their voice, Dr. Bailey helps her clients realize their ingrained beliefs they may lead with that are based on the notion of “what always has been.” Dr. Bailey aims to help you develop the courage to explore new ways of solving the Criminal Justice field’s biggest problems. 

Prior to her work as an educator, Dr. Bailey worked in the field as a sheriff’s deputy for 10 years. She holds advanced degrees in criminal justice and has studied many holistic modalities, ensuring a varied and well-rounded approach to problem solving. 

But her years of experience never prepared her for her biggest life lesson. In 2015, when she was suddenly faced with a life-threatening traumatic illness that required a bone marrow transplant, her world fell apart, causing everything she knew as normal to be lost. Once Dr. Bailey recovered, she was able to relate her near-death experience to what is happening today with old and outdated systems. 

After being given a second chance at life, Dr. Bailey decided to do everything she could to recreate the criminal justice system from the inside out. She now uses many of the same principles in conjunction with criminal justice research to serve her clients so they can tap into their inner guidance system, become more self assured, improve their organization, create new policy/programs or solve community issues.

Gaining an entirely new perspective on life and wanting to give back to her community, in 2016 Dr. Bailey became a visitor with Prisoner Visitation and Support (PVS), where she met a young man serving a lengthy sentence at the ADX, the highest security federal prison in the country. It was here that she got an inside look at what an impact policy and prison culture have on the incarcerated. This is the moment that brought her full circle, from experiencing the stress and burnout of working in the system to understanding the real-world impact of policies and approaches. 

These experiences, combined with her field and educational experiences, are what drive her passion for helping innovative leaders create positive change in their organizations and communities. With Collaborative Crime Solutions, Dr. Bailey is now able to bring her extensive experience and knowledge to Fremont County, Colorado where she can have a direct impact on the vast community of Criminal Justice professionals in the area. 


  • Ph.D. in Human Service with a concentration in Criminal Justice
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice 

Holistic Training

  • Reiki Master/Teacher 
  • Certified Hypnotherapist 
  • Mindset Coach



Decades Of Experience

Criminal Justice Expert

Collaborative Crime Solutions is the manifestation of the life's mission of Dr. Barbara Bailey, author, professor and longtime criminal justice professional. After ten years as a sheriff's deputy, and even longer as a criminal justice teacher, Dr. Bailey is turning her great deal of experience into a service for law enforcement professionals in Canon City, Colorado and beyond. Through workshops, online courses and consulting services, Dr. Bailey hopes to lend a helping hand to criminal justice professionals, and the community as a whole, in Fremont County and remotely in other areas of the country. 

Workshops And Consulting

For Criminal Justice Professionals

Collaborative Crime Solutions is here to help you succeed in the criminal justice field. Whether you are a female criminal justice professional looking to sharpen your sense of self and navigate the male dominated culture, or you are a police chief looking for guidance on a community problem, Dr. Barbara Bailey has the decades of experience to help you achieve your goals. Through consulting services and online workshops and courses, Dr. Bailey has the knowledge and know - how to help you solve your problem and maintain longevity in the often fast - turnover criminal justice system. 



At Collaborative Crime Solutions, we want to help you get to the root of the issues plaguing your community or organization. Our consulting package is designed to help you with a community issue you have attempted to address...

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Workshops and Online Courses

Workshops and Online Courses

At Collaborative Crime Solutions, we want to make sure you are equipped with the tools you need to achieve confidence and longevity in the Criminal Justice Field. Simply put, Criminal Justice Professionals face challenges that those in other...

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Consulting, Workshops and Courses for Criminal Justice Professionals and Beyond

Dr. Barbara Bailey, Experienced Criminal Justice Professional, Professor, Author and Public Speaker